Valentino Histoire Bag

Rich Italian leather detailed with braided top handles and trim.
Double top handles, with 4″ drop
Pull-through tab closure
Two flap pockets with pull-through closures
Canvas lining, with zipper pocket
15″W X 12″H X 5¾”D
Made in Italy

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Prada Saffiano Lux Top Handle Tote

Prada Saffiano Lux Top Handle Tote – would you like it in black, bruciato, rubino (red) or ottanio (teal)?

This latest Prada bag is made of signature saffiano calfskin leather – grained texture leather which is scratch resistant.

A close look at the logo:

size / measurement: 10″H x 15″W x 7″D.

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Balenciaga Serial Number

How does Balenciaga bags’ Serial Number work? All I can say is you cannot use serial number to judge if a Balenciaga bag is real or fake any more. You can use serial number to spot a normal fake but there are many super fake out there with the correct serial number!

How to spot a fake Balenciaga?

1, the rivets – I’ve never seen any fake Balenciaga with the right cut on rivets. Balenciaga bags that were produced before 2004 don’t have rivets though.
2, the font (not the serial number) on the tag. The secret is the “d” in “made in Italy” is taller in a real bag than that in a fake bag.
3, the way Balenciaga logo is engraved on leather.

Here are some side-by-side photos of a very good fake I got from eBay and a real I bought from Balenciaga. You can see the difference. Can you spot the fake?

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Reed Krakoff Boxer 1 Leather Tote Bag

Reed Krakoff took off after Michelle Obama carried its tote bag publicly earlier this year. Reed Krakoff might be a new name to many, but he had been the head of design in Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Coach for more than twenty years till he set up his own brand in 2010.

Reed Krakoff replica? Yes, there is! Let’s compare two Reed Krakoff Boxer 1 here!

A fake: the leather looks the same as that on a real bag!

A real one:

Fake lining: the color is different! Reed Krakoff made different color lining in different color bags so please don’t use the color of lining as a benchmark.

Real lining:

Here is the essence: the font! The easiest way to tell a fake is to check the font!



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Fendi Peekaboo Satchel Bag

Are you a fan of Fendi Peekaboo satchel bag? You are not alone if you like it. The bag was spotted in Gossip Girl in late 2009 and it has been seen on many celebrities.

It is kinda hard to tell what it should look like as Fendi made many styles with different lining and different badge inside.

Authentic oval horse badge inside:

Fake oval horse badge inside – the general problem is the badge is getting too close to the zipper.

Authentic square Fendi badge inside:

Fake square Fendi badge inside – you can see the badge is too close to the zipper when comparing to the authentic one.

The top tip to tell a fake: the FENDI closure!

A fake – the font is smaller so FENDI occupies 40% of the plate.

A real – the font is bigger and FENDI occupies half of the plate.

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